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January 15, 2013
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       "Rule number one; don't let your opponent know your weak spots. It can and will get you killed." Alfred said as he choose multi-player mode on Halo 3, you frowned as he handed Lovino and Ludwig a controller but not you. When he sat down with a head piece you stood up in front of him with your hands on your hips.

    "Da fuke, Brah!?" You cried out, clearly upset, "don't I get a damn controller?" You asked and Alfred started laughing.

    "Oh (nickname) you know halo 3 is a mans game. No place for a woman especially a short one like yourself." Alfred said and you pulled your fist back ready to punch him. "You sexes asshole!" You cried out and threw your fist but it was caught by Alfred's hand. "Sis, it was a  yoke, I only have three controllers. Let me bond with these asshats and see if they're good enough for my baby sisters." Alfred said and you sighed.

    "Liebe, if you vant ve can share ze controller." Ludwig muttered,  you shacked your head and sat down next to Arthur who was on the love seat. 

    "Why aren't you making a big deal of this Arthur? Last I checked you're a man also!" You asked as you pulled out your iPod from your pockets and picked a app to play with.

    "Hey! Why you be checking my man!" Alfred cried out and you smirked.

    "Remember Alfie he was my man before he was yours~"you teased him and he glared at you from his position on the bean bag. You struck your tongue out at him and wrapped an arm around Arthur's neck, "and I treat him better!" You finished.

    "Oi Ludwig control your woman!" Alfred yelled and Ludwig chuckled and kept inspecting the remote control. Arthur wrapped an arm around your waist and you giggled, "hey! Hands off!" Alfred yelled. Arthur rolled his eyes and let go of your waist. 

    "Just messing with you, love. Though (y/n) is a beautiful creature I believe Ludwig wouldn't appreciate it if I took her away." Arthur said and Alfred sighed and slipped deeper into the bean bag. The game was set and the teams were shown, "But maybe even that won't stop me." Alfred looked up shocked then glared at Ludwig. 

    "Hey, dude! Get my sister away from Arthur or I'm going to be one sister short." Alfred threaten and Ludwig looked at you smirking. 

    "I treat her right, so I'm not vorried, Alfred." Ludwig said then smiled softly at you, "Ich liebe dich, (y/n)." he whispered and a slight blush went to his cheeks. 

    "Ich liebe dich auch, mein Soldat~" you sang back, calling him your solider. He smiled and went back to looking at the t.v. Arthur smiled at you. 
    "What the fuck?! Alfred the teams are of fucking two!" Lovino cried out, cursing his little heart out since your sister and parents were out at the local market. 

    "Will looks like you and Ludwig are teamed up, hope you're ready to lose bitches!" Alfred cried as a deep voice said 'game started'. Smirking you leaned over to Arthur and whispered, "ten bucks Ludwig kicks Alfred's ass." Arthur looked at you like you were crazy and you raised an eyebrow.

    "Please twenty says Alfred wins the entire game." He smiled at you, "He knows his way around halo." 

    "Pfft, no offense but Ludwig plays with the best people in the world." You brag and Arthur chuckles. 

    "Alfred is one of the best people in the world." He said and shook your hand. You smirked and got up to sit next to Ludwig. Arthur went and sat on the floor next to Alfred. Lovino was shaking the remote control and began yelling phrases such as, "fucking bastards I fucking shot you first!" Or "bitch come and get me!" You tried very hard not to laugh. About mid game Ludwig was in the lead with a total of forty kills, Alfred close behind with thirty eight and Lovino ran out of bullets and grenades. "Son of a bitch! How the hell do you change the guns!?" He cried out.

    "Y." Alfred answered quickly as he tried to kill Ludwig. Ludwig got his shotgun and shot him. Smirking Ludwig glanced over to you and winked. You giggled and winked back. "Because I fucking want to!" Lovino cried out, "now fucking tell me how to fucking change the weapon!" He yelled out.

    "Y!" Alfred answered, a bit more angry. 

    "Because I fucking want to!" Lovino answered and Ludwig killed two more people. 

    "Son of a bitch!" Alfred screamed as Ludwig killed him, "it's the y button you idiot!" Alfred cried out and Lovino looked shocked. Ludwig smirked and started sneaking up on Alfred again. This was for the winning kill! Excitedly you watch the screen and Arthur turned to the screen and saw Ludwig coming. 

    "Alfred!" He cried out as Ludwig shot him down, "dammit!" Arthur cried and Lovino smirked.

    "Serves you right asshole!" He yelled and started laughing as the announcer said his and Ludwig's team won. Excitedly you leaned over and pecked Ludwig's cheek. He smiled at you and you stood up, turning to Arthur you stuck you hand out, "twenty bucks, loser!" You cried out and Arthur grumbled but pulled out his money. 

    "Aww babe you betted for me?" Alfred said and stood up next to him. Sweetly Alfred places a kiss on Arthur cheek and you grinned. Ludwig pulled you onto his lap and you snuggled into his chest. "This sucks!"Lovino grumbled and you smirked at him. 

    "Aww does wittle Lovi miss my sister?" You teased and his entire face went red. 

    "N-no!" Lovino yelled and you smirked. Just then the sound of tires going up the drive way came. Quickly you got off of Ludwig's lap and sat down on the love seat. Ludwig frowned but got up from his seat and walked to the door with Lovino close behind. They went to go help your parents with the things they bought. Alfred ran his hands through his hair and started putting his game away. Arthur turned to you with a raised his eye brow at you and you frowned. You stood up and walked to the kitchen and began cleaning the area, Arthur followed you behind. 

    "Care to tell me what happened, Love." Arthur muttered as he sat down on the counter. You frowned.
    "Not right now." you answered and then heard your mother's voice, "Mom might have something planned for dinner." Arthur got the message and nodded.
    "But, Love, I really want to eat it!" he whined softly and you laughed.

     Your mom walked in and smiled at you, "Hey, baby. " she said and placed a bag of fruits on the counter. You smiled at her and started placing some fruits where they belong. After about half an hour of awkward quietness Arthur cleared his throat and motion with his head for you to leave. You nodded and smiled at your mom, "Ma, I'm going to go see Alfred. I'll be back to help you with dinner." you said and kissed her on her cheek. She smiled at you and you walked to Alfred's room. Once you were inside you let out a breath you hadn't realized you'd been holding. Alfred was laying down on his bed and when you closed his door he sat up and frowned at you. 

    "Mom." you muttered and he nodded and motioned for you to sit with him. Wrapping his arm around your shoulder and you sighed into his shoulder, "I didn't mean to do such a thing!" you whispered into his shoulder.

    "You didn't do anything wrong. To be honest I think you are the only virgin in this house." Alfred said and you groaned. 

    "Alfie you aren't helping the situation!" you cried out and he started laughing. 

    '"It's true, (y/n), I lost it to Arthur, Lovino is a man whore and our sister lost it in high school! And we all know mom and da-" "Shut up!" you cut him off and he started laughing. 

    "Are you honest that I'm the only virgin?" you asked in a confused tone. 

    "Yeah, unless Captain German is one also." Alfred said and you mentally faced palm, "Anyways you really shouldn't be so hard on yourself. Mom just is angry right now. In a day she'd be back to normal." he said. 

    "Remember that we only have four days left, then we're going back home. I don't want to leave on a bad note." you muttered and Alfred smiled pulling you away from his shoulder. 

    "I  have big news, (nickname)!" he whispered and you looked at him expectantly, "Arthur and I are going to tell Mom and Dad about us, we're planning on going out to a fancy restaurant and everything." he said excitedly and your heart dropped. 

    "No! Look Alfie, I love you, and want you to be happy. But you guys shouldn't tell them in public. It's a very sensitive subject and we don't know the reaction." you said and wiped a tear from your eyes, "Do you realize we just skipped through me being depressed to whose a virgin to you coming out?" you muttered and he laughed. 

    "Yes, but it's okay because I'm the hero!" he yelled and the door swung open.

    "Shut up you bloody Git!" Arthur yelled and you smiled at him and Arthur smiled back, "Hello, Love, I was wondering if you wanted to go  on a lunch date with me." he asked you.
    "Yo! I'm the one you should be asking on dates! That's it I'm calling Ludwig!" Alfred said and stomped out of the room. You giggled and nodded towards Arthur, "LUDWIG! Your woman is trying to run away with Arthur!" he yelled out as Arthur and you followed him through the house. Ludwig poked his head from the back porch door and frowned at him. 

    "Vhat?" he asked confused as he watched the angry american stomped towards him. You grinned and walked up towards him. 

    "(y/n) is trying to run away with Arthur." he muttered and you smiled and walked up to Ludwig. 

    "Nein, mein Bruder ist verrückt!" you said and smiled as you called your brother crazy. 

    "Ich hätte dir doch gesagt." Ludwig relpied saying he could have told you that. You laughed and hugged him. Alfred glared at the both of you and Arthur smiled. 

    "I have a feeling they are talking about me." Alfred said then sighed. He pushed pass you and Ludwig and into the back porch Arthur chuckled and went with him. You pushed Ludwig's shoulder and smiled at him. 

    "Ich vermisse Hause." you muttered how you missed home. 

    "Es ist nur vier Tage liebe." he whispered how it was only four days. 

    "True." you sighed and grabbed his hand facing the door way where your dad was cooking on the grill your mom and sister sitting on the glass table, Lovino Arthur and Alfred playing soccer. You smiled, " Ich hoffe, alles klärt sich mit meiner Mutter." saying how you wish everything gets cleared up with your mother. Ludwig nodded and started pulling you towards the soccer game. 

    "I guess you don't have the date so let's play futbol." he said and you  grinned nodding. 

    And that was how you spent your afternoon playing soccer and eating with your family. 
Sorry it took me so long guys! I really love the response I get from this story~! :iconohpervyfeliplz:

So I really just love the awkwardness with 'our' mother :iconprussiarollplz:

Sorry if this sucks alot....I promise the next one will be better since Alfie is coming out and I have yet to figure out how our family is going to react.......:iconamericaohgodplz:

Chapter One: [link]

Comments and feedback are love and appreciated ~! :icononionaustriaplz:
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