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November 29, 2012
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   The car ride was quiet and you watched the buildings pass by. Your parents didn't say anything and Ludwig was busy looking at your old neighborhood. You passed many buildings and memories came back one by one, memories of happiness and warmth filled your mind with every turn. You grinned as you drove into your house drive way, seeing your brother's hummer was already in the drive way. You grew up in a quiet suburban part, even though your house was a small three bedroom two bath, it will always be a magical place. It was a tight fit for the five of you to fit until your dad made the garage into another room for your brother. Once the car was parked you jumped out and ran to the door, which was swung open by your brother. Soon you were surrounded by warm arms and the scent of hamburgers. "Ally!" you yelled happily. 

    "(y/n)! Dude I haven't seen you since you graduated high school!" your brother yelled into your ear. "How've you been?!" 

    "Just chillin' like a villain on a Saturday's Tuesday!" you answered smirking,  your brother laughed and then stopped suddenly. The change in the air almost suffocated you. "Ally? Al? Are you okay bro?" you asked when you didn't get a reply. Trying to push off him, you couldn't since his arms tighten around you. Groaning you figured who'd he already saw. 

    "Who the hell is this, shithead?" Alfred asked and you could tell he was glaring at Ludwig. You rolled your eyes at your little brother's childish ways. 

    "Well if you let me see who you are talking about maybe I can answer that questions, Al." you answered him earning a groan from him. 

    "Hallo, I'm Ludwig. Pleasure to meet you." Ludwig said respectfully. 

    "Alfred F. (y/l/n). I'd say it's a pleasure to meet you but then I'd be lying." he said sarcastically. "I'm don't like him, (nickname). He doesn't look like a good guy." Al told you and you rolled your eyes again. 

    "It's a good thing you don't have to like him since he is my boyfriend, Al. Now release me or I'm going to call mom and her sandal of doom." you threaten and grinned as his hold relaxed. You stepped back and smiled at him, turning towards Ludwig you got your luggage and took it to your room with Ludwig close behind. 

    "Your bruder doesn't like me." Ludwig muttered as he sat down on your bed, you began placing things where they belonged. You grinned and turned towards him. 

    "My brother doesn't like any one, at least he didn't try to break your arm. Poor Artie had to go to the hospital cause Ally did that." you muttered and started unpacking again. 

    Ludwig cleared his throat then coughed, "Is zis Artie your ex?" he asked with a hint of annoyance. You grinned slightly before shrugging. 

    "Aww, Artie is harmless. He grew up with me." you answered and turned towards the wall point to a picture on it, "He took me to prom for our junior and senior year." In the picture it was you and Artie both grinning at fools since both of you had really bad blue suits on and your hair gelled up stupidly. "Yeah, he was the greatest guy I know!" Ludwig came behind you and grunted. 

    "His....blonde and tall..." he muttered with a frown, you tried to swallow a giggle. 

    "Yeah easily six foot six. Tallest boy in school." you answered and turned towards Ludwig grinning, "And he is gay. Totally go to boy for any boy advice." you said and Ludwig's face went from planning murder to blushing in seconds. 

    "O-oh." he muttered and you giggled before lightly kissing his neck. 

    "Don't worry bout him, I'm with you and that is all that matters." you say quietly and he nods before kissing you right on the mouth. You smiled and kissed back, both of you were getting into the kiss until someone cleared their throat. Blushing you pulled away and saw Al standing there glaring at both of you.

    "Dude. You aren't sleeping here. You are bunking with me in my room, so follow me or die." Al said and Ludwig nodded before walking to the door with his luggage. You smiled and followed until you saw your mom standing in the kitchen looking distressed. Praying for her not to blow up you ran to her. 

    "Hey, Mama. What's wrong?" you asked quietly. She turned to you and frowned. 

    "Mija, your boyfriend, his German." she muttered and you nodded slowly not understanding her point, "He doesn't like our kind of food!" she whined and brought her hands up to her face. You stared at her dumbfounded for a split second before bursting out laughing, but unlike last time she didn't join. "Hija de la!" she started before you brought your hands up in surrender. 

    "Ma! Just make (your favorite dish). Ludwig has eaten plenty of times, so don't worry." you answer cheerfully. You mom nodded slowly then turned to start cooking. You quickly tied up your hair and began helping her . When you were chopping up the main thing needed, you saw Ludwig coming around the corner. Smiling at you he walked into the kitchen. 

    "Vhat can I help you wiz ma'am?" he asked your mother who quickly shaked her head. 

    "You can go sit down with (y/n)'s dad and watch tv because no guest of mine will be helping in the kitchen." you mom answered. Ludwig looked confused and you motion with your head for him to seat across of you from the counter. He did this quietly and looked at you with a raised eyebrow. 

    "Rule number one de la casa de (y/l/n) no guest shall lift a finger when it comes to making food, doing dishes, cleaning, and yard work, or laundry. You must visit at least five times in order to see the house messy, it isn't usually this clean." you said dramatically earning you a smack on your ass. "MA!" you cried causing both your mother and Ludwig to laugh. 

    "Shut up, (y/n)! My house is always clean now that you kids are out of here!" she declared passionately, before turning to Ludwig, "Listen up, son, you will respect my rules and not do anything that involves cleaning or cooking, got it?" you mom said glaring at Ludwig. He nodded but you frowned. 

    "Nein! Ludwig gotta make you his awesome Frühstück!" you said and blushed at the fact that some German slipped out. Ludwig grinned at you while your mom frowned.  

    "What the hell is a Frustuckie?!" she yelled completely mispronouncing the word, you looked away muttering something then starting to chop again. 

    "It's German for breakfast. (y/n) has been trying to learn how to speak German, since my brother hardly ever speaks English around her." Ludwig said grinning, he rested his head on his hand while watching you. "She hates not knowing what's going on around her." 

    "Shut up, Dummkopf!" you smirked calling him a idiot. He playfully glared at you while you mom just frowned and turned back to work. "So are you going to let him make breakfast, ma? You won't regret it!" 

    "No! Sorry, Ludwig, maybe next time." your mom said and turned to him with an eye brow raised, "There will be a next time right?" she asked and you blushed along with Ludwig. 

    "Ma! You don't ask questions like that!" you yelling, blushing some more at the same time Ludwig whispered a quiet "Ja." you both looked at each other then at your mom. A small smile made it's way to your face. Even though you knew Ludwig loves you, you stilled had those insecure moments, and hearing how he planed to stick around helped you with that. 

    You finished chopping the stuff you handed it to your mother and began cleaning the dishes, "So, when is Sissy going to be home." you asked and your mother sighed. 

    "She'll be here soon. Supposedly she will be bring a menso with her." you mom frowned, "At least Ludwig here had the courtesy to show himself with on el eskype pero esto no!" you tried not laughing how she just called your sister's boyfriend stupid and how he never showed himself on skype. "All I know is that his a Italian.....ugh!" you mom began to rant more and more. You frowned, and looked to Ludwig rolling your eyes. "His rude and just plain mean. I heard him yelling at her and calling her stupid!" 

    "He sounds abusive..."you whispered and turned towards you mom, "Have you seen her recently?"

    "Yes, she has no bruises or anything, but his never around. It'll be the first time we meet him." you mom answered grimly. 
    "Hopefully his a good guy, if not we can always scare him away." Al said walking in, "It's my plan with this one." he said glaring at Ludwig. Your mom sighed and looked at Al. 

    "Call your dad, we are going to eat already." your mom said and Al quickly followed her orders. Grinning you helped her set the table. Ludwig tried to help but got smacked in hand with a wooden spoon. Once everyone was seated your dad served the food and you all began to eat. "So Ludwig, tell us about yourself." you mom said mid dinner. He quickly glanced at you before looking at your parents. 

    "I'm tventy zree years old, I have one bruder named Gilbert, I lived in Germany for fifteen years before moving to Nev York wiz mein family. I've been in ze military since I vas eighteen und I moved to (where ever you want to move to) for about tvo years." Ludwig answered loud and clear. 

    "What about your parents?" Al asked and you froze, knowing it caused Ludwig pain to talk about it. 

    "Zey....are not part of mein life." he muttered and looked down to his plate. The table was quiet until the door bell rang, quickly Al and your mom stood up to check. 

    "They didn't approve of my daughter, huh?" you dad muttered looking at Ludwig. You sucked in some air and Ludwig looked but shocked, "And when you didn't do want they wanted they removed you from their lives?" Ludwig merely nodded quietly, and you felt the guilt rest on your heart, knowing you broke a family, "You picked a girl over your family? Do you really love my daughter that much?" you dad asked never breaking eye contact with Ludwig. 

    "Sir, I love your daughter more zen I love anyzing in ze vorld." Ludwig answered confidently. 

    "Hmmm, we'll see, dumb ass." your dad said before standing up and walked towards the living room. You cracked a smile and turned towards Ludwig. He had given Ludwig a nickname! He really liked Ludwig! Ludwig turned towards you with a confused look on his face, laughing you quickly hug him. 

   "He likes you." you whispered, wrapping your arms around his neck, "Don't worry about the dumb-ass comment, it's your new nickname so don't get insulted!" Ludwig then smiled and wrapped his arms around your waist. "I knew they'd like you." you muttered before kissing his cheek. You pulled away and turned towards where you dad use to be, "I think my sister arrived already, I hope everything turns out okay." you muttered then turned to Ludwig, "We should go before she comes looking for me." you both walk to the  living room and see your sister standing in middle next to a short tan boy with dark brown hair, and while your sister had a small smile while he kept a neutral expression. He turned to you and Ludwig and his expression changed into one of shock and anger.

    "Potato bastard!" He cried and Ludwig groaned, you turned in confusion as Ludwig did a face palm. "The fu- uhh- what are you doing here?!" he cried after your sister threw him a stern look. 

    "Sister" she greeted you and you gave her a hug, "And this is Ludwig, correct?" she asked and nodded towards him, and he returned the gesture. "Lovi, this is her boyfriend, Ludwig. It is safe to assume you two have met already." of course she'd speak like this, she always presented herself distant and cold, not many would have guest that she had strong emotions, it was like she felt everything three times more then average people. 

    "Si, bella, this is the Potato ba-" again she gave him the look,-" person I went to high school with. My fratellos best friend." Lovino answered. You raised an eyebrow and turned to him. 

    "You don't look anything like Feli!" you blurted out, the your eyes widen at the fact that you said something rude. Lovino shot you a look before you mom intervened. 

    "Hey dude, I'm Alfred." Al said as he stepped into the room, he quickly hugged your sister. "This is dude seems cool." he commented smirking at you. You glared back and turned towards your mom. 

    "Ma! Ally is being mean!" you cried and your mom rolled her eyes. 

    "Welcome, again, to our home, Lovino. You will be staying with the boys in Alfred's room and you will be staying in your old room." she said to your sister. Who nodded and got her luggage and walked to her room, after a quick, 'play nice, Lovi.' over her shoulder. Lovino blushed but said nothing. 

    "C'mon dude I'll show you the room!" Al cried before running towards it, with a quietly cussing Lovino following him. Ludwig sighed, and rubbed his forehead, a sign he was getting a head ach. 

    "We should go back to finish dinner." you mom said and once everything settled everyone sat at the table with two extra seats. "Of course your sister con'd me into making her favorite dish!" your mom joked and everyone laughed while you rolled your eyes. It was weird to say the less. Lovino said very little as did your sister, while Al said enough for everyone, your mom enjoyed his conversation but other then them two no one talked much. Ludwig was always quiet at dinner, your dad was sorta the same way, you knew your sister was a chatter box but Ludwig was here so she'd have to warm up to him till she starts talking a lot. Lastly  was Lovino, you could see the sea of emotions in his eyes, yet he sat quietly eating, hearing the occasional comment about how the dish needed tomatoes. You didn't realize you were staring till Ludwig squeezed you hand under the table. You looked at him and saw worry, he wasn't used to you being this quiet. You smiled and turned back to Lovino, watching how well he interacted with your sister. You smiled at how he tried to play of the kiss he gave her on the cheek, which earned him a scolding from your sister. You decided you like Lovino. 

  ~!~!~!~!~! Time skip brought by Prussia!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!!~!~!~!

    "I don't think you know this but you are much like your father." Ludwig muttered as you two were sitting in the back porch since everyone else had gone to sleep. You were used to this, quiet late nights just talking to Ludwig. "I mean the whole dinner you analyzed everything Lovino did. Much like what you dad did to him." Ludwig muttered and you smiled while taking a sip of tea. 

    "Thanks, I think." you muttered and turned towards the moon up ahead, "Dinner was nice, I didn't realize how much I missed my family. You know, Ludwig, if you continued on being so perfect, my parents might just fall in love with you." you teased, with a smiled. 

    "That's the plan. Get the family to love me so I can steal their little girl away and have her all to myself." Ludwig said, and without even looking at him you knew he was blushing. You chuckled and turned towards him. 

    "That plan works for me." you answered and winked towards him. "It's late and tomorrow we have a long day planned." you muttered and stood up, Ludwig nodded and turned towards his room, "Sie sehen in den Morgen schöner." (see you in the morning handsome  you said grinning. Ludwig smiled and wrapped an arm around you waist pulling you close to his body. It still amazed you how well your bodies fit with the others. 

    "natürlich meine Liebe."(of course my love) he replied before kissing you hard on the lips, you smirked and kissed back. You knew Ludwig loved when you spoke his language. Once you two separated you went to bed, and smiled while snuggling into you bed. Soon asleep with dreams of beautiful things. 
First off, I'd like to say this; :iconcryingreainbosplz: :iconruncryplz: :iconcrycryplz: :iconmassiveblushplz: :iconbegplz: :iconsarathetheif: THESE ARE THE EMOTIONS YOU PEOPLE PUT ME THROUGH! I SWEAR I COME BACK ON THIS SITE AND SEE ALL THE RESPONSES I GOT FROM HERE AND AHHHH! I LOVE YOU GUYS, AND THIS IS MY FIRST STORY EVER TO GET MORE THEN 1,00O VIEWS!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU PEOPLE ARE AMAZING! :icononioncleanplz:
(Imagine a bar here)
Okay I'm done.....AHHHH!!! XD okay now I'm done onto the chapter talk!
I feel like a kinda failed in this chapter....but thought a mix of Lovino, Alfred, and Germany would be cool, with a weird family.....anyways, I hope you like this one as much as the first, if not please tell me what I could change to improve it! Also I would really love ideas on sister's name! Those would be very helpful(:
On a completely different note, anyone ever thought how weird the word potato is? Its like the people who spelled thought it be fun to make a dumb way to spell it, I can imagine it right now,
:icondandyonionplz: :iconsay: I say we shall spell potato this way to screw with seventeen year old's heads, agreed gentlemen?
Evil fancy men! Totally off base.....anyways!
Comment is love, I really need the feed back, from you amazing people! :iconletmehugyouplz:
Oh! And here is chapter one: [link]
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