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December 16, 2012
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   You woke up at six in the morning, groaning softly you changed into some running shorts, a muscle shirt, slipped on your socks and shoes, then pulled your hair into a ponytail. Walking quietly to the restroom you brush your teeth, after finishing up you walk to your brother's room. Peering into the room you saw Alfred hugging his pillow snoring away, Lovino snoring with some saliva dripping out of his open mouth on a blown up matress and no Ludwig. You frowned but quietly closed the door. You decide to go outside and stretch, and just wait for Ludwig. When you walk outside you notice your dad and Ludwig standing and talking. They were both were dressed to work out and you smiled, jogging over to them. "Hey! What are you doing awake, Papa?" you asked as you began stretching with them. 

    "He is going to join us on these run." Ludwig answered, and grinned, "He thinks he can outrun me." 

    You raised an eyebrow, you weren't used to Ludwig being cocky, and you diffidently weren't used to your Papa smirking back, "Look, dumb-ass, I know I can. Now let's get to running, before your mother wakes up." your dad said and you two nodded. The run started out like it always does, you in front with Ludwig following, and your dad stayed next to Ludwig, keeping pace. You had your i-pod on playing (your favorite song) and you enjoyed the run. Nothing major happened until you were sure you ran four miles, turning around you smiled at how Ludwig and your papa were still matching speed. Once you got to the two mile mark the situation changed, Ludwig speed up and ran next to you, you smiled at him and he smiled back. Soon your Papa speed up and ran a little bit in front of you, frowning Ludwig speed up to keep up with your dad. You sighed and watched as they kept speeding up little by little. Frowning  you watched as Ludwig and your dad took off in a full sprint to the house. Groaning you sprinted to catch up. By the time you did catch up Ludwig and your dad were already on the drive way, huffing. "What was that all about?!" you questioned loudly, sending a glare towards Ludwig. He smiled guilty to you and rubbed the back of his neck. 

    "Vell....." Ludwig trailed off, sighing. 

    "Dumb-ass put a good race on, lost, but still good." your dad commented and slowly he began to walk to the house, you stood there dumbfounded. Your papa never complimented anyone! You turned towards Ludwig and he smiled at you. You rolled your eyes and ran into the house where your mama was making breakfast. You went to go shower, once you were done you changed into shorts and a shirt, you ran your fingers through your hair then walked out to see your mom sitting on the couch watching the news. 

    "Hey mama, watcha doin?" you asked sitting down next to her. She didn't answer you because Lovino walked in wearing a pair of pants and nothing else. Quickly you covered your eyes,"My virgin eyes!" you cried out hiding behind your mom. 

    "DUDE!" Al yelled out, "Don't steal my poor baby sister's virginity eyes!" you heard footsteps and a loud,'ack' then a bang sound. Looking over you saw Alfred on the floor trying to cover a cursing Lovino. You jumped up and screamed 'Dog pile!' and jumped on them earning two groans. You grabbed Al into a head lock while he wrapped his legs around Lovino, Lovino wrapped his arms around one of our arms and pretty soon it was just a pile of tangled up limbs. 

    "Dammit!" Lovino yelled pushing Al's head away from his chest. You giggled and tried pushing Lovino's leg away from your torso. 

    "Ludwig, help I'm stuck!" you yelled out, laughing. Suddenly there even more weight added on you as your sister jumped onto the pile. "Ahh the weight of a whale has landed on us! We need saving! Tell my mama I love her!!" you cried out as your sister jammed her knee into your back. You heard chuckling coming from behind you and you strained to look around your sister's big ass, Ludwig was at the doorway watching with an amused look. "You mother trucker! Help me out of this mess before, uff" you had started yelling that until Alfred's elbow made contact with your chin and nose, causing blood to spill out of your lower lip and nose, "Dang flap it! Al you made me bleed my own blood!" you yelled and tried very hard to reach for your brother's face. But before you could reach it, you felt a pair of strong arms wrap around your waist and drag you out of the mess.You turned to glare at Ludwig, "No! Don't help me, I will killlllll my bruder!" you yelled ready to jump back in. 

    "Nien you are hurt." Ludwig muttered and you groaned. Your mother walked out shaking her head and muttering something about kids and their stupidity. The group stopped fighting and turned towards you and Ludwig. 

    "Dude, what happened to your nose and lip?!" Alfred cried before jumping up, "Did you hit her?!" he screamed and you rolled your eyes at. 

    "You hit her, Blödmann." Ludwig said and you stifled a giggle at the fact that he called Al a dumb-ass, "I vill go tend to her vounds. Please try not to kill each ozer." Ludwig said as he dragged you away. 

    "I don't have to listen to you, Bastardo!" Lovino yelled before the door slammed behind you. Ludwig set you down on your feet and you quietly followed him to the bathroom.

    "Vhere do you keep ze medicine box?" Ludwig asked as you sat down on the sink counter.You pointed to the cupboards and he nodded.

    "You do understand this is nothing." you muttered as he got an alcohol pad. Ludwig rolled his eyes and started dabbing your lip. It stung a little and you forced yourself not to pull away.

    "See you are pulling back, it does hurt you!" Ludwig muttered and you groaned. 

    "Nein, du Arschloch!" you muttered and glared at Ludwig. He groaned, as you had said no you asshole in his language.

    "I believe you spend too much time viz, Gilbert." he muttered and placed a butterfly band-aid on his lip,"Done. See vas zat so bad?" he asked and set you on the floor. 

    "Nien." you muttered and gave him a peck on the cheek,"Let's go and hand out with our family!" you said and pulled him to the living room where your sister, Alfred, Lovino, and your parents were sitting down, waiting for you guys. "Hey, what are we doing today?" you asked as you sat down on the floor next to Al. 

    "I don't know, Ma wants to go out, but she doesn't know what to do." Alfred answered and sighed as he leaned his head against your shoulder. Ludwig sat down crossed legged next to you, 

    "We can go to the lake? It seems the weather is good today." your sister commented, and Lovino nodded. Your parents thought it over and nodded also. "Great." Your sister said and got up to go to her room. You smiled and went to put on your swim shorts and your one piece bathing suit. Once you were dressed you walked out with your camera handing on your neck and a towel in your beach bag. Ludwig smiled at you and put a towel in your bag. 

    "Vell I don't have a pair of swim trunks so"-Ludwig started saying before being slapped in the face with a pair of swim trunks that had the american flag printed on it. 

    "There. Now change before I change my mind." Alfred said glaring at Ludwig. Ludwig pulled down the shorts off his face, he looked down to the shorts and frowned. You smiled, grabbed his hand and walked to your brother's room and grabbed a pair of black shorts and handed them to him. 

    "Change into this, kay?" you said and walked to the living room. Your sister and Lovino were sitting down on the sofa, talking softly to one another. You smirked and sat right in the middle of them. "So what are we talking about?" you asked grinning at the irritated look on your sister's face. "Aww c'mon don't stop talkin' just cause I'm here!" you whined and your sister sighed. 

    "Lovino just saying how much he loves me. Something about me being just so much more awesome then everyone here." your sister said smirking. You rolled your eyes, and wrapped an arm around Lovino's shoulder and your sister's shoulder, "and we're just happen to be the most awesome pair here!" she said smirking. 

    You rolled your eyes and smiled, "Please my man is easily the best! Just look at him; tall, strong, handsome, and let me tell you something" you bragged and then leaned their heads closer to yours and whispered dramatically, "he gives amazing foot rubs!" you gushed and released their heads, grinning. 

    "Ugh, (y/n) you are so immature!" your sister cried. 

    "At least I wasn't thinking dirty like you!" you cried out and was pushed onto the floor, you glared up at the blushing pair, then your eyes got wide with realization, "Eww guys, that's not a discussion to be having in the living room, in your parent's house!" you cried out.

    "Oh shut up, you know what they say about Germans!" your sister defended, causing you to blush harder. 

    "Vat do zey say about Germans?" Ludwig asked and everyone stopped and stared at the man standing in the door way wearing the black swim trunks and a black muscle shirt. The only thing running through your head was, 'shit shit shit shit shit' "(y/n), vhat's going on?" 

    You laughed nervously, "You see....ummm....ugh, I'm waiting for marriage!" you screamed and stood up and ran to your parent's room, "I don't want any part of this stupid conversation " you yelled and slammed into Alfred's chest. Stumbling back you fell onto Ludwig's chest, and his arms wrapped around your waist. 

    "Hahahahaha, you're so awesome to tease!" your sister said. She obviously approved of Ludwig now that she was showing her true colors. You blushed and snuggled your face into Ludwig's chest.

    "Kids! We got to go already!" your mom yelled and everyone went to the cars.

    "I want to go in the hummer!" you yelled, "And I want to drive!" you ran to the hummer's driver side. 

    "Ah hell naw! No one but me can touch my baby!"Alfred defended running after you. You grinned and tried opening the door but saw our sister already inside the driver seat with the car keys in her hand. "You fat head! Get outta my car!" Alfred cried hitting the window, your mom sighed and grabbed your arms.

    "(y/n) you and Ludwig come with me and your father. Everyone else can go on the hummer."your mom said and everyone nodded. You sighed and walked to the car.You sat in the back and watched as everything changed into a peaceful wood. You smiled as you saw the lake water. Excitedly you wait till the car stopped then you jumped out and ran towards the water. 

    "Yay! We're here!" you cried happily. Suddenly a force came from behind you and you were in the water before you had time to blink. Turning around you saw Alfred smirking at you, "Ally!" you cried out and he smirked at you. You splashed some water at him, "I'm frezzing you werido!" you screamed, laughing. You turned towards the shore and saw your mom, dad, Lovino, and Ludwig waving at you. You waved back and smiled at them, "So Ally, when are you going to tell them?" you whispered as you both started to float. 

    "Tell them what, (nickname)." he asked, and you frowned. 

    "You know what, Al C'mon they have the right to know." you muttered as the calmness of the nature took over, "Arthur will be here in two days, and he thinks they know." 

    "I....I don't know, I'm scared, (nickname). I mean they are happy with your guys dudes, but what about me? What if they aren't happy about.....well ya know." he muttered and you frowned.

    "If anything was to happen, you know you have me, right?" you muttered and you heard Alfred make a sound of agreement. You smiled and closed your eyes and enjoyed the quietness until arms from under you pushed you up and sent you flying in the air, "Holy shit!" you yelled as you fell into the water. You quickly turn around and glared at a smirking Lovino. 

    "Sister!" you yelled and smiled at the fear that showed in his face. You swam over to the shore and sat in the sand next to Ludwig, "Why aren't you in the water?" you asked him. 

    "I vas helping your vatti viz ze stuff, zen you came vhen I vas about to go in. Honestly I just vant to sit here and enjoy the veather viz you." Ludwig muttered and you smiled. Slowly placing your head on his shoulder you watched as your family played in the water, laughing at the lightheartedness of this day. "It's so pretty." Ludwig whispered and you smiled softly. 
First off you all are awesome! :iconsupertighthugplz:

Chapter Talk; I'm happy with this chapter~ :iconyaycanadaplz: It's simple and relaxed and we're introduced to a lot of differences in the character, so yeah...

Please review because feedback is needed and adored! :iconloveloveplz:
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