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November 22, 2012
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    "(Y/N) you're stress eating again. You are going to get to your original weight and have to go train again." your boyfriend muttered, you glared at him before placing another chip into your mouth. You turned your attention back towards the television, and in two seconds flat the bag was out of your hands.
        You quickly turned towards your German boyfriend and quickly jumped up. "HEY!" you called back, reaching for the bag he placed above his head, seeing as you were only five feet two inches and he was six feet five inches, you had a very slim chance to getting the bag back. "Give them back! I want my chips, bastard!" you called at his smirking face, "It doesn't even matter because then I'll just go back to your gym, pay for a year, and work out more! Just give me the damn chips!" 

    "Nov, (Y/N) vhy vould I make you pay? You'd just have to train viz me on my personal time." he muttered and then laughed quietly at the pure fear showing on your face. Truth be told that was how you two meet, it was a cold day and you were at your worst weight of (think of a heavy weight please.) Feeling depressed you went to the gym to sign up, and get a personal trainer, long story short, a year later you were now at your healthy weight and in a six month relationship with your personal trainer, Ludwig. And you were stupid enough to go on a personal training session with Ludwig and you ended up in the hospital due to a panic attack. 

    "Fine." you growled and sat back down on the couch in your apartment. He threw the chips to the table and sat next to you. Sighing you went over and placed your head on his chest, listening to his heart beat. 

    "Liebe, vant to tell me vhat is ze matter?" he muttered into your hair, groaning you snuggled more into his chest. You inhaled the scent that was purely Ludwig. 

    "I talked to my parents." you muttered and he stayed quiet waiting for you continued, "They want us to come over to (place you are from) , and stay with them for a week." you finished and peeked up to his face. He was wearing a small frown,you pushed back to look at him square in the face. "My siblings are coming over, also." He looked at you in the eyes and smiled at you softly. 

    "Vhy are you vorried zen?" Ludwig asked, not really getting the effect of how horrible it was. 

    "Ludwig, let me walk you through this." you muttered and sighed, "I am the oldest, thus the most likely to be married first. Which means trail and error due to the fact that no one has a damn idea what to do. My dad will threaten you, my mom will bother you about popping the question, my brother will try to get you to do dumb shit, and my sister will try and beat you." you frowned and grabbed a pillow to snuggle it into your face. 

    "Vell, vhen do zey vant you and I to be zere?" he asked, smiling as he stood up. Your jaw fell and you started mumbling. "Vell? Vhen since I need time to pack." 

    "They want us to go by on Tuesday." you answered. He nodded and smiled at you, you shyly smiled back. 
    "Good, zat gives me tvo days to get a week off get airplane tickets and pack.I vill buy your ticket so do vorry. I vill be going, see you soon, Liebe." He said and left, leaving you dumbfounded. Sighing you shrugged and went back to watching tv. 

~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~TWO DAY SKIP~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~
    Now you were standing in line to get on the plane that will land at your original home. Your parents would be waiting for you two to arrive. They were more excited then you were and it seemed as if Ludwig didn't even care! He was a cool a frozen ice cub in the Arctic waters during a blizzard, and that frustrated you. Suddenly you felt hands start to message your shoulders, turning slightly you saw Ludwig looked at you concerned. "Liebe, please stop freaking out. Everzing vill be fine, trust me." he whispered with his heavy accent, causing you to shudder. "Please tell me about your family." You sighed and nodded slowly as you two went to find your seats. 

    "I'll start with the less weird one which is my mother. She is loud, very emotional, easily frustrated and angered. Occasionally she is known to throw temper tantrums over really stupid shiz.....also she will either know if she approves or disapproves of you in seconds. Also....ugh, she will be talking about you in Spanish, so don't get annoyed or anything." you said as you two seated, you swear you could see his sweat drop. "Next is my sister, she is more of a hermit crab and you won't see much of her. She likes to threaten guys and will tell you fifty different ways she could kick your ass, so don't challenge her. When she is angry she will scream and throw things. Also known to throw temper tantrums and leave to her room. Also she really likes music....lastly she will glare at you. But eventually warm up to you......hopefully." you muttered the last part. Ludwig nodded, and a small frown was on his face. "After her is my put it simple, he thinks he is mister bad-ass, and will challenge you, you can accept but don't kick his ass to bad." at this he let a small smirk grace his face, "he is very self centered and will make very bad jokes. Also he is easily angered and is known to have temper tantrums. Lastly is my Dad, his a quiet person, and he will analyze you the whole time you are present. To give him any looks! He a very hard worker, and believes everyone needs to be punctual. He is hard headed and known for mind games, though he won't try any one you yet. He was also in the military but he was a sailor. He's very calm and knows a lot. He is very wise. Okay, any questions?" you look towards Ludwig. 

    Ludwig nodded and you tilted your head, "Are all your family known for temper tantrums?" he asked and you frowned.

    "No, but we.....we have gone through things...." you muttered and he nodded. You felt an arm wrap around your shoulder and you looked at him. He smiled at you and you rested your head on his side. 

    "You speak very vill about your father. He sounds like a good man." Ludwig said into your hair and you nodded, "I vill try to make a good impression, Liebe." you smiled and snuggled into him more. Soon you feel asleep. 

    You were awaken by shaking, slowly you looked up to see Ludwig smiling at you, you smiled back and straighten up. You looked out the window and saw that you had landed already, you two stood up and went down the hall way that attached the airplane to the building. You suddenly stopped and turned towards Ludwig, holding his hand, "They don't know you are going to be sent to war in a month, and I don't want them to know just yet. So please don't...." you trail off, Ludwig smiles and nods before giving you a quick kiss on the lips. Smiling brightly you two hold hands and walk to your parents. As soon as you became visible, your mom started waving at you frantically, and you dad stayed behind watch the tall blonde that was holding your hand. You squeezed it once, before releasing it and running towards your parents. Quickly your mom gave you hug of death, and started sniffling. You squeezed her before looking at your dad, he smiled at you and you smiled back, no need for words. Releasing your mom you step back next to Ludwig. "Mama, Dad, this is Ludwig, my boyfriend. Ludwig this is my mama and"- you were cut off by your father's strong voice. 

    "I'm her dad." he said reaching a hand out, quickly Ludwig grasped his hand. You watched how the muscle in their arms flexed, and bit you lip nervously. "Strong grip, that usually means a strong boy." your dad commented. 

    "Zank you ,sir, I vork hard to be a strong man." Ludwig answered in his 'trainer' voice. To describe the voice was easy, it held respect but showed dominance, the voice a General. You dad nodded and you released the breath you were holding, much like your mom. 

    "Well we should go get our bags and head home!" you said and were about to head over till Ludwig stopped you. 

    "Nien, I vill go get ze bags. You catch up." Ludwig said and you smiled at him nodding. 

    Once he was out of sight your mom looked at you with a raised eyebrow you smiled at her shyly. "Care to explain?" she muttered and you smiled at her, "Nombre, the first thing you do! Get a man the biggest man you could find, no?!" you stared at her dumb founded before bursting out laughing. She started laughing with you and your dad just watches you two laugh like idiots. When Ludwig came with the bags he saw you wipe away the tears, he frowned and looked at your dad who was shaking his head. 

    "I really hope you know what you are getting yourself into." you dad says to Ludwig and pats his shoulder. Still chuckling you quickly grab your mom's hand and follow your dad, with Ludwig right next to you. 

    "¿El sabe espanol?" your mom asks quietly, and you push back to urge to not roll your eyes. Why'd she have to ask if he spoke Spanish in Spanish? 

    "No ¿por que?(why?)" you asked back. she smiled and looked over to Ludwig who was trying to figure out the language you never taught of teaching him. 

    "Sabes por que. Tu wela quiere conocer lo." she whispered back and you frowned. Your great grandma wanted to meet Ludwig? He just meet your close family, could he handle meeting everyone else. 

    "Ma, no me gusta esto. Ora es para nostros." you answer that you didn't want him to meet her yet and this was our time. "Y no me gusta avlar en una lengua que me novio no poder entender. si usted tiene algo de pregunta, está bien" you tell her that you didn't want to talk in spanish in front of Ludwig unless she had a question. You mom just sighed and nodded. 

    "So Ludwig, that's unique. Where is it from?" your mom asked looking at him, Ludwig smiled at her.

    "It's german, ma'am." he said respectfully. You smiled and nodded. 

    "You're german?" your mom asked. 

    "Yes ma'am, I moved to ze states vhen I vas fifteen, and found it hard to get rid of it." he said as your dad opened the trunk of the car. Ludwig quickly placed them into the car and closed it. When the doors were unlocked, you knew this was your dad's third test. First being the hand shake, the boy comment and now where Ludwig believed he should seat in the car. You sighed and quickly looked to Ludwig as he opened the front passenger seat, smiling you noticed he was holding it open for your mom, test passed. "Ma'am?" he questioned and you mother nodded and slipped into the passenger seat. You dad had a small smile before Ludwig sat next you in the back. You quickly entwined your fingers with his, and squeezed his hand. You looked at him and smiled, which he returned whole heartedly. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad after all. 
So another series, maybe? Depends on the response I get from this.
So I'm going to give you a little info on my background. I'm being raise (or is it raised considering I'm almost fully grown?) in the traditional house hold. A strict father who doesn't really speak much, a over emotional mother, and pretty much crazy sibling. But that's not the traditional part I was speaking of, no it's the belief system. I was taught to run a whole house hold by the age of sixteen so I know how to cook clean and do pretty much everything my mom does. I've had friends tell me that a bit weird since they don't have to do nothing or taught anything. So I thought hey let's introduce worlds favorite German into the mix and see how he deals with a culture shock.....yeah it sounds better in my head then
Annnnyyyyywaaaayyyy Comments equal love and I really love feed back! xD
Chapter Two: [link]
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sarahsmiles16 Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2014  Student Writer
oh my god this is pefect except that my parents are divorced and I don't have a brother, just another sister. but we are Dominican and speak spanish
Bloody-Bella236 Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2013  Student General Artist
Wow... Just wow... It's like you somewhat know how my family is like. ^__^ I don't have a brother but I have a cousin who's almost like the brother character. My mom is the same, speaks Spanish but rather more of the Cuban style. My father is very strict towards discipline and manners :/ *sigh* such a crazy family. My sis is just... Annoying. Deadly, but annoying. 
marriedtograyfullbus Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2013
this would be sooo much like my family LOL ((except the Spanish would be more Cuban)) also I have no sister and my brother is in Spain but other than that it's awesome I wish I had a German BF like Luddy or Luddy would be just perfect ps. amazing stood yo loooove it in sooo many levels Vee~ :) :3
092kaoru Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
oh god, my sister and mother are exactly like this! (including the spanish part > u <)
Dutchnyn Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm 1/8 Javanese, somewhere Arabic, mostly Dutch/Frisian and maybe a little bit German. O-o 
But anyway... OMG(Dutch way of speaking, here:… I can speak Spanish! No way! How cool!
HisokaIshi Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Wow!! That's really cool!!!!
Riverclan23 Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2013  Student
Other than the talking in Spanish part, you described my mother perfectly O.O
HisokaIshi Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
0_0 Our mothers must be so alike then!
SukiOneeChan Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
My dad can get too over protective and i dont like it but i got usued to it. I'm half hungarian, half Pinoy, and one third Ausrian, Polish and Spanish and born in canada.
I'm a mutt...
HisokaIshi Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
So is my dad but because I'm the oldest child in the family.....

I'm Mexican which consist of Apache, Spanish, tiny bit of Asian, and Comanche, and I was born in 'Merica XD So welcome to the mutt club, brah!
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