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December 10, 2012
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   (General P.O.V)
    Ludwig stood at attention, his stern cold eyes looked straight ahead, his spine snapped to it's absolute straightest. He dared not to breath too hard, that would bring attention to himself, and with his Major around he didn't want that. He had even woken up two hours before call to get dress and make sure everything was right from his hat placed correctly to the amount of shoe shine he had placed on his boots. His Major  was a strict girl with beauty that seemed to tease Ludwig. Her (e/c) eyes always seemed to mock him, her lips always pressed into a line as if to say he was a disappointment and worst of all her (h/c) braided hair always reminded him of something he couldn't have. Ludwig was in a program to prepare young people for war, the ages where from fifteen to eighteen. Ludwig was here for his last year, in August he'd be shipped off to the real army, to real war. 

    Truth be told he had flown by all the other Majors for the past three years, he had a perfect record, was considered a military genius, but that all changed when this girl came along. She was seventeen years old, and already a Major in the ranks of this program. No one knew her story and no one dared questioned her, she was tough and she was mean. Everyone had to be up to what she wanted if not they'd stay up all night until she got it. 
    Currently she was standing in front of Ludwig, watching him with those eyes, inspecting his every movement, watching for any mistake, "Cadet Beilschmidt, you seem to have a problem here." She said in a voice that caused everyone to flinch, but Ludwig. 

    "Ma'am what would that be Ma'am?" Ludwig answered loudly still staring straight ahead, not even daring to move to look down to try and see his mistake. She always seemed to find one no matter what he did. 

    "You're shoes are shining too much! What do you think you're going to prom, stupid?" she answered using that voice again, Ludwig swallowed down his groan. "How 'bout we get them boots dirty? How does everyone feel about doing some conditioning today?" she called out stepping back to Ludwig, smirking at his stupidity. The other cadet said nothing knowing better then to even sighing. They all had grown used to Major Williams  bitchiness. "Formation!" she yelled, as everyone stood into two lines standing, she shouted "Start"! and everyone started jogging. 

    Four hours of hell passed by until she was satisfied with everyone. "Okay, all you loser can go except for Cadet Beilschmidt." she called out and all the cadets walked very slowly back to the campus. Ludwig was breathing hard, and whipped away some dirt that was on his cheek. "Attention!" she called and Ludwig snapped into attention, trying to control his breathing. "Cadet you need to be able to control your facial expressions! I can still see the slight movement indicating facial expressions, which is unacceptable!" she advice  "You need to become stronger both physically, mentally  and emotionally  Try to push your emotions down, or you're going to die in the battle field  understood, Cadet?" 
    "Ma'am yes ma'am!" Ludwig called out. 

    She peeked around Ludwig and saw that all the cadets were gone. Smiling she turned and motion with her head for him to follow her. Smiling slightly Ludwig followed her to the forest were they made their way to the pond where a log waited to seat both of them, like many things almost no one knew that in reality Ludwig and (y/n) were the best of friends, both of you would talk for hours on end here in the pond. It was their little secret  while except for (y/N) caretaker, Matthew. Ludwig sat down on the ground with his back on the log, while (y/n) sat on the log. 

    "Major"- Ludwig started but (y/n) glared at him and he corrected himself, "(Y/N), how are you able to make your face so emotionless? I've been trying to perfect it, and I can't be stern, I can't stop my emotions from showing." 

    "It's easy." she muttered shrugging, "It became second nature to me, but whenever I have trouble with it, I think about a situation that render me speechless, and blank. I use when I found out the reasoning I grew up here, to know my own mother didn't want me renders me incapable to feel emotions." she explains, and smiled at Ludwig, "You have to find the one situation that makes you draw up blank and hold it, it could someday save your life." she muttered and Ludwig nodded. They sat in complete silence until (Y/N) sighed. 

    "What's wrong, (Y/N)?" Ludwig asked looking up to her. She frowned and looked at the stars. 

    "Life. It's very difficult, huh?" She muttered and pulled her hair out of the braid she kept it in, soon (y/h/c) silk cascaded her back, Ludwig suppressed a groan, so he simply looked away.

    "Why do you say that?" Ludwig asked, looking out to the pond. 

    "You'll leave soon, and I'll still be here." she answered and stretched, "Sure I've been here my whole life, what with my whore of a mother leaving me, but I want to go to war! I want to fight with you guys!" 

    Ludwig chuckled and patted her knee, "Matthew didn't tell you, yet?" he asked, innocently. She looked over to Ludwig suspiciously  causing Ludwig to grin. 

    "Tell me what?" she demanded, and when Ludwig said nothing she glared at him, "Cadet, your superior told you to say something! No either answer the damn question or get ready to run!" she yelled in her Major voice. 

    "Ma'am, I am sorry but someone higher rank commanded me not to speak, Ma'am!" Ludwig answered effortlessly. She groaned and stands up suddenly, she began stomping over to the buildings, Ludwig closely followed her, smirking all the way. Once they were in the building she tide her hair into a tight bun and resumed her role of high ranking officer. She walked the halls with an emotionless face, much like the one Ludwig needed to perfect. Stopping at a door the read, General Matthew Williams, the highest ranking officer in the whole building, he had served in the military until finding this program. (y/n) knocked twice and stepped back. They waited until a quiet voice called for them to come in. By looking at General Williams you would think two things right away, one he was a handsome middle age man, and two he had no authority power what so ever. He was a soft spoken man who was very polite, but when he needed to be he could be one scary person, and no one would challenge was he said, until (y/n) came a long that is. 

    "Major Williams, what do I owe this pleasure?" General Williams asked after he stood and saluted them, once seated he motion for the other two to seat, but (y/n) slammed her hands his desk, glaring at him. Ludwig sat down and watched the show of force between Father and Daughter. 

    "You know damn well what you owe this pleasure to, General Williams!" (y/n) said and Matthew sighed. 

    "You didn't tell her right, Ludwig?" Matthew asked and smiled when Ludwig answered with a 'Sir, no, sir.' "Good." Matthew said and stood up and walked around his desk so he stood in front of his daughter, "You Major Williams, are now in the army under the buddy system with Ludwig here. You two will be going into boot camp together. Seeing as you have a parent's permission you can sign up now that you're seventeen." She was frozen in her stop, not believing that her greatest dream was given to her. Slowly a smile crept onto her face, and she quickly hugged her father figure. 

    "Really?! I can't believe it!" she said excitedly, but then she realized what she had just done, she quickly released him and stepped back, "Thank you, Sir. I'll see you at home." she said and saluted him, General Williams saluted back and Ludwig did the same. Once they were both outside of the building, (y/n) turned around and hugged Ludwig, Ludwig blushed but returned the gesture. "I finally got my dream~" she muttered and Ludwig smiled pulling her closer, and for a moment pretended like his most secret dream was coming true. 

!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!LE TIME SKIP TO CAMP~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!

    "WELCOME TO HELL BITCHES!" yelled a blond blue eyed man, his name was Drill Sargent Jones. "I WILL FUCKING BREAK EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOUR SPIRITS DOWN TO TINY PIECES OF WORTHLESS SHIT, GOT IT YO?!" he screamed. It was the first day of training, at four in the morning. (y/n) and Ludwig were standing in at attention both not daring to move. Someone fidget and that caught Drill Sargent Jones attention in a second, "ARE YOU GETTING RESTLESS MAGGOT!? DO YOU WANT TO MOVE AROUND?!" he yelled right into the soldiers face, "ARE YOU READY TO RUN YOUR ASSES OFF!!!!!!!!! WE GOING TO HAVE SO MUCH FUN WITH YOUR ASSES TODAY SOLDIERS!" he yelled and someone giggled, "WHATS SO FUNNY, DAMMIT?! I WANT TO KNOW WHAT SO DAMN FUNNY SO THAT I CAN BE GIGGLING LIKE A DAMN IDIOT JUST LIKE YOU!"  yelled Drill Sargent Jones. That shut everyone up, and (y/n) suppressed the urge to sigh at the stupidity of her comrades  "RUN." was all Drill Sargent Jones said and hell started. A ten mile run, while chanting a song, then two hundred push ups, two hundred sit ups, and twenty chin touches. 

    "We love it, Drill Sargent! Give us more Drill Sargent!" you and your comrades chanted, as Drill Sargent Jones asked if you liked the training. And he did just that; with five more miles of running, crawling through the mud pond, then lastly climbing a very tall wall. It was hell, and no one dared complain about it. 

    "DISMISSED!" Drill Sargent Jones called out and everyone saluted him then turned towards their dorms. 

    "He kick our asses", and "Shit I hate this", could be heard through the crowd. (Y/n) and Ludwig didn't say a word as you both walked side by side. 

    "Hey! Hey! You Bella!" called out a excited voice, frowning you turned towards a small Italian boy-man running towards you with another Italian following him, "Ciao bella~" he said smiling at you. You frowned and turned towards Ludwig in confusion. Ludwig seemed annoyed by the Italian, even glaring at him. 

    "My name isn't Bella, It's (y/n) Williams. Pleasure to meet you." you said sticking out your hand for a hand shake, but the Italian brushed off your hand and pulled you into a hug. Almost as quickly as he wrapped his arms around you, he was on the ground fast pressed against the concrete. "You didn't have permission to touch me, Solider!" you cried out and glared at the other Italian. "Your name, Solider?" you asked the dark haired boy.

    "Lovino, and that's my idiota fratello Feli. Nice to meet you." he said grinning, you released the crying boy and straighten up. You tilted your head towards them and turned towards Ludwig. 

    "Wait! Bella! I wanted to talk to you~" yelled Feli looking happy suddenly, "I was wondering if you wanted to eat dinner with me and fratello~ Of course your boyfriend can come." he cried happily. You froze for a moment then looked at Ludwig who was blushing. You frowned and put on your 'major face'. 

    "I believe we would like that very much." you answered smoothly turning to the brothers, "We shall meet you at the dinning hall in 1800 okay?" Once Lovino and Feli nodded you turned back to Ludwig and made your way to the dorms. 

    "(y/n), you didn't correct him about the boyfriend comment." Ludwig commented lightly, and you snorted turning to him with a small smile. 

    "What is there to correct? You are my boyfriend right?" you commented lightly, and continued walking. Once you didn't hear Ludwig's heavy foot steps behind you, you turned around and frowned. Ludwig had stopped in the middle of the hallway, blushing at sweating. You raised an eyebrow at him. "What? Did I say something wrong?" you asked and Ludwig gulped. 

    "I believe you missed understood the sentence. A-a" Ludwig began then stopped and took a deep breath, "A boyfriend is someone you are romantically involved with. Surely you understand that." you sighed and walked towards the tall German. Slowly you stand on your tippy toes and kiss him straight on the lips, you hold for a moment then pulled away. You looked at his face and say it was completely blanked out. You smirked and turned around on your heels and began walking towards the dorms. 

    "Now you have a memory to use when you need a good poker face!" you called back knowing Ludwig was blushing. 
I tried out a new thing, I was going to make it into something completely different but it came out like this. I'll proably use this for the other story.....
So what do you think? Comments and feedback are love people! :iconloveloveplz:
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  "WELCOME TO HELL BITCHES!" yelled a blond blue eyed man, his name was Drill Sargent Jones. "I WILL FUCKING BREAK EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOUR SPIRITS DOWN TO TINY PIECES OF WORTHLESS SHIT, GOT IT YO?!" he screamed.

'Got it yo?!' FOR THE LOVE OF GALLIFREY! Alfred, I swear, no matter what, you will still say, 'yo', 'dude', and 'dudette'. [enter facepalm of epic rainbows and death here.] WHY MUST YOU BE SO LOUD AND OBNOXIOUS AND CUTE AND FUNNY!?!?
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