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November 11, 2012
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    "I love you." he had whispered into your ear, and you quickly glanced at him, shocked at his words and his choice of place to say this words. He smiled at you guiltily and he softly shrugged his shoulders. You slowly began to fill tears forming, and tried to blink them away. "I suppose I should have said it sooner. Maybe we wouldn't be in this specific situation if I had......or maybe it wouldn't have changed anything." he muttered, and he softly ran his hand through your hair and you close your eyes, tears finally breaking free. "I have another thing to confess, shocking I know, but it's true. I loved you back when we were children, from the first summer you moved in. Remember when you moved in?" he asked and you smiled at the memory. 

    A five year old you were happily walking with your mother to meet your new next door neighbor. You had your (h/c) (h/l) pulled back in a loose braid and were wearing your favorite (F/C) dress and shiny shoes. You had just moved in and were excited to see the world. Your mother knocked on the door and it was opened by a boy who was about your age. He had blonde hair, big green eyes, and bigger eyebrows. He smiled at you and asked who you and your mother were. Once your mother responded to him, the smiled fell and he slammed the door. Puzzled your mother knocked again. This time it was opened by a women who looked a lot like the boy only with smaller eyebrows. She frowned, and hand explained how the boy -named Arthur- was just upset because his best friend had lived in the house next door before moving to America. You being the responsible child decided you didn't like Arthur and never wanted to be his friend. 


    Arthur quietly grabbed your hand and he smiled, as if he too was remembering that day, "I'm sorry, it was very ungentlemanly to slam the door on you and your mum. I didn't understand those feeling I was having so I acted harshly. I pretended to hate you, blaming you for Alfred's departure, blaming you for everything wrong. Hell, I just started teasing you because I knew you hated it." Arthur muttered and kissed your hand causing you to blush. "I remember the first time I did that to you. It was the first boy girl dance at school." he chuckled, "I was so jealous of Ivan that day!" you giggled and remembered that day. 

    You were excited, today you were going to your first school dance. And even better was that you had a date. Ivan had asked you to the dance, of course it was on friendly terms, nothing romantic. Ivan was you very best friend, someone who you told everything to. You chose to wear a nice (F/C) dress and black flats. Your mother had curled your (h/c) and a head band that sparkled in the light. You twirled around happily. 
    You and Ivan were dancing to soft music when suddenly Ivan stopped. You looked at him questioningly, worried you had stepped on his foot again. He smiled and pulled out a sunflower pendent and handed it to you, "Please, accept this, my friend. Da?" he asked and you nodded. He happily pinned it on your dress, and you smiled at him. "You are my very best friend, (Y/N)! This is proof." he said and kissed your hand softly. That night you two just danced and had a really good time. 
    When you decided it was time to go his parents were waiting for him outside, and they didn't have room in the car for you. Ivan didn't want you to walk home alone, but you insisted you'd be okay. He quickly gave you his pipe saying to use it if necessary. When you quietly made your way to your house, you heard noises coming from behind you. You turned quickly with the pipe raised, only to see your evil bushy eyebrow neighbor. You groaned and glared at him, "What do you want, loser?" you asked harshly and he seemed unfazed by this. He looked at the floor and shrugged, while mumbling something. You sighed and said, annoyed, "What did you say?" 
    "I want to walk you home." he said louder glaring at you now, "It wouldn't be very gentlemanly if I don't." he walked next to you and you two started making your way in silence. You glared at the floor hoping a hole would randomly pop out so you could jump in. As soon as you got to your front porch and turned to Arthur. He slowly reached for your hand and placed a soft kiss on it, "Have a good night, (Y/N)." he whispered and turned away. You blushed and ran inside your house, for a long time you swore to yourself that you hated the kiss, you hated him, and you hated the fact that you were completely lied to yourself. 


    "Just to let you know, I saw the blush that coated your cheeks that night. How I loved that face you made." Arthur said and sighed softly, "Remember the first time we kissed? On the lips, I mean. It was a magical day for me, but you pretended to hate it." 

    It was senior year of your high school life, and you had never been kissed. And thanks to Ludwig who told Feli, the whole damn school knew it. Thus getting you the name 'Virgin Lips' dear Lord you despised the name, almost as much as you hated Arthur. You groaned as you sat down on the table with your friends; Ludwig, Gilbert, Feli, Kiku, and Elizabeth. 
    "Hello, Virgin Lips." Gilbert greeted you, and as a result you threw some bread at him. He chuckled and said, "Ah, c'mon if you hate the name so much, then why don't you do something about it?" Your whole body began to tense up, you felt a dare coming ups and you being the Dare Queen Supreme, you never backed down from a dare. 
    "Frau, don't encourage him." Ludwig tried, but knew it was useless you wouldn't listen to him. The whole table knew. 
    "Sounds like a dare, Gilly." you muttered back glaring at him. Challenging him to dare you. You raised an (h/c) eyebrow. Red eyes meet with (e/c) in a stare down. This cause him to smirk. 
    "I dare you to kiss the first boy that talks to you on the mouth, and have to hold it for ten seconds and we have to witness it!" he said smirking at you, "Except us boys and teachers. Get it, Frau?" You nodded and sat back, grinning. This was way too easy, suddenly a shadow was cast over you and everyone began snickering, even Ludwig looked amused. You frowned and turned to see Arthur standing behind you. You quietly gasped adn he glared at you. "Remember ze dare!" Gilbert stage whispered, and you turned sharply to him, and turned to Arthur. 
    "(Y/N), I needed to know if I could have a ride home." Arthur said, you groaned and stood up from your seat and quickly wrapped your arms around his neck and kissed him full on the lips and held him there. You swore once more you didn't see any fireworks, and swore you didn't feel happiness as your lips met his. "Ten!" Gilbert shouted and you forced yourself to push away from Arthur. You glared at the chocked blonde, slowly you got your backpack and began to walk away. 
    "If I knew I only had to ask that question, to get that I would have asked sooner " Arthur called after you. You blushed and kept walking away, but turned and scream, "Virgin Lips No Longer!" 


    "Gilbert knew I was looking for you, love. now that I think about it, I believe he set us up. The foolish albino." Arthur muttered. Slowly you swiped a tear away from your cheek. "Love, remember when we left for college and somehow ended up roommates? I remembered I tried my hardest to make you fall in love with me. You were furious at first but I grew on you." Arthur whispered, "The best memory from our college experience was that winter night." 


    It was your last night at Arthur and your dorms from December. You were up at six in the morning wrapped up in a blanket with a cup of hot chocolate, watching the snow fall from your couch. Quietly Arthur sat next to you with his own cup of hot chocolate. You two sat there not saying a word for a good hour. 
    "(Y/N), what's on your mind?" Arthur asked quietly. you sighed to tired to pretend to hate him. 
    "Nothing, just how much I miss my mum, my home, and Ivan." you whispered snuggling up in the blanket, never taking your eyes away from the snow. Arthur muttered something, and you smiled softly, " When it snowed back home, mum would let me have Ivan over for a sleep over and we'd make s'mores and watch bad american horror movies." you whispered taking a sip of your drink, sighing again, "We'd loved the snow." You stood up and patted Arthur's knee, "G'night, Arthur." you whispered and left him alone. The next day was just another normal day. You went to your classes and when you got to your dorm, you changed into a long sleeve shirt and sweat pants, then put your  (h/l/c) into a messy ponytail. You walked into the kitchen and saw Arthur placing bags onto the table, noticing it was marshmallows  chocolates, and crackers. Lifting an eyebrow, without a word, he just smiled at you. Suddenly someone warped arms around your waist lifting you up from the ground, and heard a cheerful "Hello, Sunflower!" Ivan cried. 


    You smiled and reached to move the hair that had fallen over his eyes, but stopped before you touched him, "I hope it worked, (Y/N). I hope you loved me just as much as I loved you." Arthur whispered softly, tears streaming down his face. You tried nodding but knew it was useless. He thought he was talking to your corpse . He thought you were gone forever. You two were in the hospital. You were in a bed and he was in a chair. You had been in a accident on your way to his house, to tell him everything, but a drunk driver stopped you. Now you couldn't tell him your feelings, you couldn't hug him, kiss him, love him the way you wanted to. He hadn't left you side in the three days it took you to be named died. When the doctors told him the news he simply sat next you and started talking. You were now merely a spirit waiting for the next step. Quietly you placed a hand on his shoulder and whispered, "I love you, too." into his ears. This stopped Arthur's shaking and looked up suddenly. For a second you thought he could see you, but as soon as he looked down you knew he didn't. He merely sighed and brushed the tears away. You frowned and promised to never leave his side until the day came that you would meet each other again. 
An idea that just randomly popped in my head.
Comments are love! <3
Part Two: [link]
Also thanks to NoZo~Chan who translated this story in German! Here is the link: [link]
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109144 Featured By Owner May 6, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Guess what? I made a happy end!


For years he spent slaying away for something that others thought he couldn't possibly do.

Bring her back to him.

He was already in his middle ages, single as he always was and living in the same house he grew up in even after his parents passed away. He poured a mystery mixture cautiously into the pot. He didn't want the mess this up, it had taken him years of research and time to get rare ingredients. He then put in the last ingredient, and poured the solution in to a beaker.

"How did it go again?" He asked himself, thinking about the right words, and looking at his magic book. He then mumbled the words, and splashed the solution he worked so hard at into a mirror. Smoke filled the room and he coughed. Then, he felt a soft hand holding his own. He looked straight into the eyes of the hand's owner and smiled a smile he hadn't for years.

"Love,! It worked!" He exclaimed.

She giggled a bit. She was still very much the same' but looked about his age.

"Yes Arthur, it did...I...I missed you so much..."

"I should be saying the same, ____________."

"I love you," she kissed him.

"I love you too," and he kissed her back.

It's never too late.

The End
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