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November 21, 2012
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    "We are gathered here today to"- Arthur blocked out the words of the priest. He sighed softly, he turned towards (y/n)'s mom but wished he hadn't since she caught his eyes. She stared at him with the same piercing look (y/n) had given him the last time you two talked. He slowly stood up, and walked over to her. Arthur slowly got on his knees in front of your mother and laid his head down on her lap, without hesitation she began running her fingers through his hair. You slowly place a hand on your mother's shoulder, shedding tears for her. You're Mama was a very strong woman, she always had been. Back when she got news that your dad had gotten murdered by a eighteen wheeler she never cried, well in front of you anyways. Now she didn't shed a tear at your funeral, and you could hear the snide comments of your aunts and uncles, they whispered about how she must've not loved you. You wish you could tell them something, but you already knew your limitations. Your attention was brought back to the two in front of you, Arthur began sobbing into your mother's lap and your mom did nothing but continued running her hand through his hair. 

    The time had come for the people to put a rose on your eternal bed, everyone had placed an white rose onto the hard wood. You stood in front and silently thanked them for it. Your mom came but she didn't have a rose, instead she had a stuff animal. It was (f/a) in (f/c), you smile at her, wishing to hug her on more time. Arthur came up last and your breath caught in your throat, because within his hands he held a single orange rose. You smile sadly as he placed it on top of all the white. You remembered where he had gotten this idea. 

~!~!~!~!~!~FLASH BACK BROUGHT BY VODKA!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~

    "Hey, you bloody wanker! What is your favorite flower?!" Arthur cried from the ground, you where currently nine years old and in a tree in your back yard. 

    "Why do you want to know, тупица?" you called down, setting aside your book.  (A/N it means dumb-ass in Russian Ivan had to teach you some XD).

     Arthur seemed to be blushing, but quickly his face became a scowl just simply glaring at you, "My mum wants to know!" he called back you raised an eyebrow but then shrugged it off. "It's orange roses." you answer was simple and you went back to your book. He nodded, mumbled to himself and walked back his house. You looked at him walk away in curiosity, but soon forgot as Ivan came around your house. You happily jumped off and ran towards your best friend since first grade. 

~!~!~!~!~!~!END OF THE FLASHBACK~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!

    Every year after that, you always had a orange rose waiting for you on your birthday. It was nice and of course you tried to figure out who bought it for you, but failed miserably. So you just let it happen and never questioned it. You smiled softly as Arthur walked towards his car, you quickly followed after you place a kiss on your mother's cheek. As soon as Arthur took of you knew where he was going; Ivan's house. You sighed because you knew what was next, and even though you didn't like it, you knew it was something Arthur needed to do. He walked up to Ivan's home and knocked on the door. Quickly it was answered and Arthur was pulled into the house. You silently followed as Ivan pulled Arthur to his room. Of course you had been in Ivan's house and room before so you took your time walking to it. You looked around and smiled at all the different pictures of Ivan and his sisters, even some had you in it. Once you got into Ivan's room you sat down on his desk, much like you did when you were alive. You turned towards the two boys who were on Ivan's bed with a bottle of vodka in between. 


    "(Y/N) wouldn't like this very much." Arthur muttered as Ivan opened the bottle. Ivan nodded and took a deep gulp of the clear liquid. 


    "Da." he answered and handed Arthur the bottle, who took a small sip. "But she would understand. We need this, da?" Ivan then took the bottle away. You watched as your two best friend drank away their pain, not knowing how they both were causing you pain. "When I meet her she was a small little thing, da. She was the only one who'd talked to me on the first day of school." Ivan muttered drunkenly  They had spent the last hour drowning in the liquor, of course Ivan drank most of it. "Everyone thought I was creepy." 

    "I remember. She kept telling everyone you were the nicest boy on earth, nothing like me." Arthur muttered, and he began laughing, soon the laughter turned into sobbing. Ivan sighed and hugged Arthur around the shoulders. "She must have hated me so much! I was such a wanker to her! Everything she did, she did with a lot of heart! She wanted to become a writer, Ivan! She would stay up late doing the thing she loved! She was so nice, and so loving, and yet she isn't here anymore! Ivan what am I going to do with my life?!" Arthur sobbed and Ivan rubbed some tears out of his eyes. You stood up and walked over towards the boys. You sat in front of them and wanted to reach out to them but sighed as your hand went through their shoulder. Both boys shivered, but thought nothing of it. "I wanted her to know I loved her so much!"

    "We all loved her very much, my friend." Ivan muttered, "But we have to live, we have to show her that we can be strong enough to live without her. Because she wanted to us to live good lives." You nodded and Arthur frowned. 

    "He's right, Arthur." you muttered and turned towards Ivan, "I wish you could hear me. I wish you could see me, because then you two wouldn't be doing this to yourselves." The boys didn't even flinch, you slowly started feeling wetness on you cheek. Sighing you wiped away the tear, and looked down bitting your bottom lip. "Ho-how do I get you to see I'm still here? I'm hearing everything, seeing everything. I understand so much now! I'm such a idiot not seeing what I had!" you cry out wrapping your arms around your chest, trying to keep yourself together. "I'm sorry! I didn't mean any of this! I didn't want to die, Arthur, Ivan! I mean it!" you cried out, "I wanted to live so much longer! I wanted to grow old with you guys! I wanted Ivan to be my kid's godfather, Arthur to be their father! We had so much ahead of us! Why weren't we given a chance?" you cried and placed your head on Ivan's shoulder, wishing he felt your presence. Ivan reached over his shoulder, and you're heart stopped. His hand went straight through your face and onto his shoulder. You pulled away, wiping the tears away, then you looked to Ivan. He had a shocked expression on his face. You looked at him, waiting.


   "Arthur." he muttered and looked over to the sleeping Brit. Sighing he shrugged and pulled the covers over Arthur and turned the lights off. Laying down he to went to sleep. You looked over the boys, taking note of Arthur's face still had tears running down his face. You sighed and turned towards the window. You noticed that moon light was getting brighter and brighter the more you stared at it. Confused you took a step towards it. You felt the pull in your chest telling you to walk towards this light, sighing you made your way to it. Before you fully stepped into the light you turned to see both boys sleeping peacefully, smiling softly you turned back and walked into the light.


~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!LINE CUT~!~!~!~!~!~~~~~!~!~!~!~!~!



   "AHHHHH!" you screamed sitting up, your heart was beating very quickly, and you had no idea where you were. Looking around you slowly started to take notice you were in your room, at your house. Sighing you placed a hand over your heart, understanding now that everything was a dream. You didn't die, Arthur didn't get drunk, and you were completely fine. Groaning you placed a hand over your forehead, not knowing what to do. Silently your bedroom door opened revealing  your mother. 

    "Baby, what's wrong?" she whispered, you frowned and stood up. Quickly slipping on shoes and a jacket you walked towards your door. 

    "Mama, I have to go tell Arthur something, it's important!" you say quickly making your way down the hall, with your mother right behind you. "He's at Alfred's house across town so I have to take the car, is that okay?" 

    "Sure, put be careful. There are stupid drivers out since it's Friday." you mom said handing you the keys, you quickly thanked her and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek. Soon you were on your way to Alfred's house to confess your feelings to Arthur before something bad happened. You sighed as you came to a stop, waiting for the light to change to green. You placed your head on the wheel and sighed, "You can do this (Y/N). You are an awesome person, and have a great personality." you muttered, just giving yourself a pep talk. When you looked up the light was green and you pressed on forward. Suddenly you heard a honking sound from your left, you quickly saw headlights and before you could even do anything.....the world went black.
So I did end up making a part two........
:iconemocanadaplz: Please don't hate me
Part One: [link]

And a huge thanks to :iconnozo-chan: for translating the story in German~ Here is the link! [link]
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DakotaSouth13 Featured By Owner 6 days ago
The ending made me freeze. And then I'm like, "Wait that's not right", reread it and froze again. You're a great author! The feels were big!
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Whoa de ja vu much! Interesting....
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P-part three? T^T 
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Dude, you made me cry during this story...
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It was so sad yet so touching:sad:
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Damn it!!!!! It's like that one movie! I forgot the name of it, but dammit! Y I NO SURVIVE?!?! Isn't Arthur a wit-

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i believe this is a pritave moments so... *turn around and starts whistling*
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