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January 19, 2013
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    Every part of your body was still, you felt the coldness of the blizzard slip into your feet and crawling up through your body. You tried not to move as the animal walked to another tree to eat some of the pilling trunk. Quietly you pull back your loaded bow, ignoring the protest of your limbs, you aimed at the chest of the beast. Closing one (e/c) orb you took a deep breath and released the string, sending the arrow flying to the unsuspecting animal.
     It quickly fell to the found and you felt pride rush through your entire body, finally warmth filled your body as you walked towards the animal. You took a quick glance around as you reached for the arrow, once you were sure no one was around you pulled out the arrow and placed it in the bag behind you that was holding ten other ones. Smiling you let out a whistle signaling your brother that it was okay to come out of hiding. 

    Quietly the young blonde came out from the top of a tree, his violet eyes swept the surrounding area as he made his way to you. You smiled and took out your pocket knife. With a swift move you began to gut the animal, making sure to save the fur as well. Matthew was now standing behind you watching your back as you worked on the deer. Once all the hide was peeled, and the meat was put away you grabbed your knife and slipped it in your bag that now contained the fresh meat. 
    Tapping his shoulder you both made your way back to the cabin that was your home for the past ten years. You are (your name) William eighteen year old huntress. You lived alone with your four year old brother Matthew William. Your parents had been killed when the world had gone mad. There was a virus that made you unable to control your emotions, making many people into murders. The Earth population was at an all time low, and many who still were alive looked refuge in isolated places they could find. 

    Slowly you checked the cabin to make sure no one had come to try and take it over. Once everything was cleared you whistled again and Matthew walked in and shut the door, making sure to lock it. When everything was cleared you went to the fridge and put the meat in and added some more ice blocks to keep the meat fresh. Smiling you went and washed your hands, and cleaned the bag since some of the blood had gotten on it. Making sure everything was set you walked to the living room where Matthew was sitting down. You placed your bow and arrows next to the couch and sat down next to him. 
    "We'll start the lesson today with reading." you muttered and got your old copy of Le voyage de Babar(A child's book). Matthew nodded happily and began reading from it. You smiled and ruffled his hair listening to him as he read the book out loud in French. You leaned your head back and listen to the surrounding areas. Suddenly you heard something out of the ordinary, sitting up quickly you placed a hand over Matthew's mouth. When you heard the noise again you grabbed your bow and arrow and made your way to the attic with Matthew right behind you. 

    Placing yourself at the window you watched outside, Matthew locked the door from inside and he stood behind you. You looked around the ground and saw a boy who looked slightly older then you wondering around. You froze as he made his way to your front door, you looked at the snow and saw red. He was hurt.....worst of all he was spilling blood everywhere. That'd attract animals, which attracted danger. With out thinking you climbed out of the window and climbed down till you were standing behind the blonde boy. You pulled back your bow and aimed for his head, "Who are you and what are you doing here?" you demanded, quickly the boy froze in his place, "No sudden movements. Turn around slowly, and I might not kill you." Slowly the boy picked his hands up and turned around. Instantly you were drawn to his blue eyes, and beautiful face, but you pushed that away and gripped the bow tighter, "I asked you to tell me who you are." you commented

    He was huffing, and slowly he placed a hand over his side, where you could see the blood spilling out, "I-I'm Ludvig, I come in peace." he panted, his thick German accent weighed down each of his words, "Bitte, help me." he whispered and you narrowed your eyes in suspicion.  

    "Were you followed?" you asked, in a hard and distant voice. You didn't want this guy to bring you trouble. 

    "Nien. I vas viz my bruder, but.....somezing attacked us." he whispered, and you could see the pain in his eyes. Frowning you looked around, not seeing anything your frown deepened. 

    "I don't see your brother." you said, not trusting his words. 

    "He vas killed." Ludwig muttered sadly and you sighed. You moved your bow and shot it to a near by tree, turning back to Ludwig you pulled your arm around his waist and began to help him into the cabin.Walking in you heard no footsteps from above you, and knew Matthew would stay up there until you told him to come down, like a good little boy. You helped Ludwig into the kitchen, and sat him on the table. The medic box was already waiting for you on the counter, just in case you ever came home from a hunting trip wounded. Putting on some gloves you looked over at the blonde German. 

    "Take your jacket and shirt off." you said in a monotone, blush painted his cheeks and you suppressed the urge to roll your eyes, "Don't worry, I won't look at anything but the wound." you said and he began to take them off. He winced as he pilled the blood soaked shirt away from his wound. You got some of the alcohol pads and gaze,"You need to lean back on your hands to stretch the wound out so I can clean it properly." you said. You looked at his chest and had to push back the blush that wanted to make it's way to your cheeks. He was a very well built man, with a flat  stomach, and huge biceps. He also had a tattoo on one of his breast, it was of an iron cross. You froze up at the sight of it. Ludwig noticed and looked down to his chest and saw the tattoo, he huffed. 

    "It is zas Eiserne Kreuz, military symbol for ze German army." Ludwig explained, "I've served in it for five years." he whispered and you nodded. You looked down to the wound and saw four red lines, they were deep. You began cleaning the wound with the pads, and Ludwig hissed. You rolled your eyes and dug deeper into the wound. 

    "How old are you?" you asked, trying to distract him from the pain. 

    "Tventy Seven." he muttered, "And you?" he asked, clearly still in pain. 

    "Eighteen." you answered and got some of the rubbing alcohol from the bottle. You began pouring some of the alcohol in the wound, flushing it out, "Wow nine years apart." 

    "Ja." he whispered.

    "Aw, c'mon if you've been to war you can handle my cleaning the wound." you teased and he groaned, "Unless Germany accepts little weak men to fight their wars." 

    "I am not a weak man." Ludwig said with a stern expression. You laughed and reached for the sewing kit. Grabbing the clean thread and needle you placed your hand on Ludwig's stomach. 

    "If you aren't a weak man, then you don't mind if I sew this. It'll only take a minute to sew everything I need to, if you don't move around." you said and Ludwig eyed the needle wearily, "I don't have any numbing ointment so just take the pain." Ludwig sighed and nodded, so you began to sew the wound together. Thank God your dad had taught you how to do all this. Ludwig groaned every time the needle went through his skin but never made an louder sound. 
    You smiled as you finished up your work and began wrapping the wound in gauze. "Done. You did much better then I thought you would. It was only seven stitches, and they should come out in about six weeks, okay?" you said and got up from your seat in front of him. You took the gloves off and began washing your hands. When you turned around Ludwig was standing up with his shirt in his hands, "I doubt you would want to wear that. I'll get you one of my dad's shirts, follow me." 

    You walked to the bedroom that you refused to use from the time your parents died. It stayed the same it had the morning of their murder, your dad's clothes spread out on the perfectly made bed, and your mom's brushes set out on the dresser waiting to be used, and a thin layer of dust over everything. You sighed and went into the closet pulling a shirt off of it's hanger, you turn and hand it to Ludwig. It was just a simple blue v neck shirt. He nodded to you and slipped it on. You walked out the room and went to the attic, knocking on the door you waited till Matthew opened it. 

    "Hey Mattie, want to come out and help with dinner?" you asked and Matthew nodded happily. He climbed down and ran to the kitchen, "This is my brother Matthew, Matthew this is Ludwig. He'll be staying with us for a few weeks to recover from his wounds, got it?" you said and your brother nodded. Ludwig stuck his hand out and waited to shake Matthew's hand. 

    "It's a pleasure to meet you." Ludwig said and Matthew shaked his hand, "Is zere anyzing I can help you viz?" he asked as Matthew got the fire wood from the closet. 

    "No, your wounds are still too fresh to do anything. I want you to seat down on the couch and wait for us to bring you the food, okay?" you said and began to turn but something crossed your mind and you turned back to Ludwig, "Just don't get used to this treatment." after that you grabbed a pot and began cooking. After everything was done you smiled at the pot of stew, thank God for indoor herbal gardens. You poured Matthew a bowl, then yourself one. You got another bowl and served Ludwig, you made Matthew sat at the table and walked to Ludwig, "Here. It's stew." you muttered and handed him the bowl and spoon. He smiled at you and began eating. You walked back to Matthew and ate with him.

(Let's skip to after dinner)

    "Where are you from?" Matthew said sitting down in front of Ludwig. You sighed and sat on the love seat across from them, it was already dark outside. You had a small fire going in the fire place and it was quiet. 

    "I'm from Germany." Ludwig answered. Matthew's eyes widen, and you smirked. Matthew always want to visit Germany when he grew up. 

    "Really? What's it like there? Is it really as beautiful as everyone says it is?!" Matthew asked excitedly and Ludwig smiled towards him. Before nodding to him.

    "It's very nice," Ludwig began and soon he was telling stories of Germany. You smiled and listen to the stories, after a while you heard soft snoring. You turned and saw that Matthew had fallen asleep. You get up and pick him up, heading towards your room. 

    "If you want you can sleep here tonight. But there is a bedroom down the hall if you want a bed." you muttered towards Ludwig, and before he could reply you went into your room and shut the door. Placing Matthew on the bed you make sure your bow, arrows and knife where all in arms length. After everything was fixed you locked the door and went to sleep. 

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~SKIP TO TWO WEEK~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    (General point of view) 

    Ludwig opened his face very slowly only to see big bright violet eyes staring at him. Instantly he was sitting up, Matthew giggled and took a step back, "Bonjour, Monsieur Ludwig!" he said quietly, and Ludwig smiled at the shy boy. 

    "Guten morgen, kleine Matthew." Ludwig answered and looked at him with a raised eyebrow. Matthew tapped his chin then snapped his fingers. 

    "Good Morning, Little Matthew?" he tried unsure, Ludwig nodded happily and Matthew smiled brightly  "Thank you for saying yes to teach me German! By the way my sister said it's time to wake up. Today we have to go berry hunting and do some laundry. She said you are well enough to go berry hunting with me......if you want to!" Matthew said excitedly. Ludwig smiled and got up from bed quickly. 

    "Vell if your Schwester said it was okay zen I'll be happy to go viz you!" Ludwig answered and slipped on a long sleeve shirt. Matthew nodded happily then ran off to his shared room to change into warm clothes. Ludwig slipped on his black combat boots and walked to the kitchen area where he found you working gathering two different metal tubs. You looked up and smiled at him. 

    "Good morning, Ludwig. Did Matthew tell you the plans for today?" you asked and placed the tubs on the table then went to grab some laundry soap. Ludwig nodded and grabbed a knife from the country, it was on the bigger side, he slipped it into his boot. You nodded and reached to the nearest cabinet to your left and pulled out a small hand gun that was fully loaded, "Here. Don't strain yourself, use this." then you stood up and looked him straight in the eyes, "Protect my little brother with your life. If you come back without him I'll end you in the same spot you stand, understood." you said in a cold voice. 
    Ludwig's face grew stern and his mouth formed a straight line, "Understood, ma'am. I'll protect Matthew viz mein dying breaz." he answered and you nodded stiffly, "I  vill have him back before dark." 

    "Good, I'll do the laundry at a river that is about a mile east from here. Need me, you better run." you said coldly. Ludwig nodded and Matthew came into the room with his big winter jacket, beanie, gloves, and two buckets. He held one out to Ludwig and grinned, Ludwig smiled down and grabbed the bucket. 
    "Sissy, we're going! I'll see you later." he said and ran over to you. Quickly kissed your cheek, " je t'aime!" he sang he loved you and walked to the door. 

    " je t'aime trop!" you told him you loved him too back and stood up, "I got your clothes, I clean everything but under wears." you commented and grabbed a basket of clothes. Ludwig blushed but nodded, "Remember what I said." you said and slung your bow over your shoulder then grabbing the tubs. You didn't see Ludwig watching you as your walked out to the white forest, nor did you see him smile softly at you. 

    After about five hours your arms were begging you to stop. You had filled both tubs with water and used soap in one as the washer and other one as a rinse  You rubbed the clothes over a old washboard, and you had finished all the shirts and hung them out in the strings between the trees.  You sighed and rinsed off one of Matthew's pants, you decided to stop for a few minutes. Leaning back you sighed and rubbed your sore shoulders. You tried to crack your neck and as you leaned back you felt something cold press against you neck. Quickly your eyes snap open and you are met with bright blue eyes with tints of pinks in them and blonde hair. You didn't know this guy only that he had a knife at your jugular. 

    "Well, poppet, seems you are in quiet a predicament here. I'm sorry, perhaps I shall make you some amazing cup cakes," then he smiled innocently and you felt a shiver run down your neck, "Oh wait, I'm going to kill you." he muttered and pressed deeper into your neck, but not enough to cut skin. You calmed your breathing and smiled at him. 

    "It is quiet alright." you whispered and saw the shock on his face. You closed your eyes and thought over the situation; any jerky motion can cause you to put the knife into your neck, his legs were in perfectly placed so you couldn't kick them under him. Your arms were in his other hand, when did that happen? you thought. There was no way out, and you knew no one was going to look for you. You had told Ludwig awhile ago if you hadn't come home one night to not look for you just take Matthew somewhere safe. Closing your eyes you sigh. Then you felt a presence to your side and a click from a gun being set. 

    "If you vant to live, I vill suggest putting zat knife dovn."came Ludwig's voice and you opened your eyes, surprised he was here. You saw a gun barrel at the blonde man's temple. The blonde man smiles and releases you immediately  "Nov leave and don't come back here, or die vhere you stand." Ludwig said taking a step forward as the blonde man began slowly walking back. You get on your feet and grab Ludwig's knife and point it to the man.

    "Fine, kind sir, I will leave. Next time please watch your lady. A good gentlemen takes care of what is his." he says and winks before putting the knife away and sticking his hands in his pocket. He slowly turns around and walks away whistling. You felt the blush on your cheeks and hoped Ludwig didn't see it. After the man is out of eye sight Ludwig relaxes his stance and looks over to you. 

    "Where is Matthew?" you asked quickly looking around to see if the man saw your little brother. 

    "His in zat tree." Ludwig said pointing towards a bare tree where you saw Matthew waving at you, "Ve finished picking ze berries and vanted to come see if you needed help." he explained and you nodded. Matthew began climbing down and ran over to you, "Ve left them at home." Ludwig continued and you picked up Matthew. 

    "That's good. Come on guys, I've had enough cleaning for today." you said and Ludwig began turning over the tubs and you with Matthew's help folded the clothes and put them away in the basket. After everything was done, the three of you made your way home. Suddenly you were very glad to have Ludwig by your side. 
So this is the project I was talking about. I decided to make it a two part! And I know the title sucks.....

Story Talk:This story has been swimming in my head for awhile where Reader is a total bad ass and Germany is impressed by how strong reader is. Matthew was just freakin' cute added bonus~ :iconkawaiicanadaplz: I'm sorry that I killed Gilbert I didn't want him to die I swear, but he did die to save his little brother so it's okay, Da?

Whoever can figure out the crazy man with a knife that almost killed Reader gets a imaingary cookie! XD

Chapter Two: [link]

Comments and feedback is greatly appreciated and loved~!
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